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Reliable Tooth-Colored Fillings in West Knoxville

At Isom Dentistry, we know that your smile is a significant part of your overall identity, reflecting your emotions, confidence, and health. To keep your smile looking and feeling healthy, we provide tooth-colored fillings. These natural-looking options are excellent for restoring and protecting your teeth after you've experienced decay or damage.

Our dedicated dental team is committed to offering personalized and gentle restorative services for you and your family. We're dedicated to preserving natural teeth whenever possible, and our tooth-colored fillings are vitally important options for saving compromised teeth. Our team looks forward to meeting you and learning how we can restore your smile and get you back to optimal oral health. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for composite fillings in Knoxville!


What Are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

A tooth-colored filling, also referred to as a composite filling, is used to restore a tooth affected by decay, cracks, or fractures. These fillings are designed to blend in seamlessly with the natural appearance of your teeth, closely matching their color and luster. The specialized composite resin materials we use help us deliver restorative dental work that is both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Why Might I Need a Tooth-Colored Filling?

Tooth-colored fillings offer a versatile solution for various dental issues. While restoring your smile, we work closely with you to determine if a filling is the optimal choice for your needs. Along the way, we'll answer questions and address any concerns you might have, working to make you feel like you're always in the know regarding your restorative treatment plan. Some common reasons we end up providing composite fillings include:

  • Decay: When decay has led to the formation of a cavity, a tooth-colored filling can restore the tooth's structure and prevent further deterioration.
  • Damaged or Dislodged Fillings: If an existing filling becomes damaged or dislodged, replacing it with a new restoration helps restore the integrity of the tooth..
  • After Root Canal Treatment: While less common than dental crowns, depending on your root canal treatment specifics, a composite filling may be sufficient to reinforce your tooth.

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Composite fillings are a sought-after alternative to traditional amalgam fillings. We do not offer amalgam restorations, preferring composite fillings at our practice for several reasons, including:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: We carefully match the shade of our composite resins to closely mimic the appearance of your tooth. Composite fillings are often nearly indistinguishable from your natural teeth, meaning you can confidently smile and speak with people, knowing your restorations aren't standing out.
  • Reliable Durability: Composite fillings bond tightly with your tooth structure, providing exceptional durability. This allows you to eat and drink normally without fear of further damaging your tooth.

Our Knoxville Composite Fillings Process

The process for receiving a tooth-colored filling at Isom Dentistry begins with a comprehensive consultation and conversation about the problems you're dealing with. Our dental team will examine your tooth, discuss your options, and recommend a personalized treatment plan.

Once we determine a filling is the right approach for restoring your smile, we'll gently numb the area around your affected tooth. Preparing the tooth for a filling involves removing decay as needed and thoroughly cleaning the tooth. Next, we carefully place the composite resin material, shape it, cure and harden it with a special light, and polish it. Our goal is to facilitate the proper bite relationships between your restored tooth and your existing teeth for a comfortable result.

Tooth-Colored Filling FAQs

We encourage you to ask questions and express any concerns regarding all of our dental procedures, and our tooth-colored fillings are no exception. We believe keeping you informed about your treatments and overall care plan helps to improve long-term treatment success. Some of the frequently asked questions we receive at our practice regarding composite fillings include:

Can children receive composite fillings?

Maintaining baby teeth is crucial for helping to prevent complex and expensive treatments in the future. Composite fillings can be an essential part of dental care for children to preserve their smiles and maintain their optimal oral health.

Taking care of your restoration is similar to caring for your natural teeth. Regular brushing, flossing, and check-ups are essential. We will provide you with specific care instructions tailored to your dental health.

Whether you need a composite filling or more extensive restorative work like a dental crown is often determined by the extent of the damage or decay in your tooth. We'll discuss whether a crown or a filling is the best option for your needs at your initial consultation.

Your Team for Composite Fillings in Knoxville

At Isom Dentistry, we aim to help you achieve a brighter, healthier smile across all the services we provide. We take pride in offering quality tooth-colored fillings in Knoxville and are passionate about saving teeth and improving oral health with minimally invasive procedures. Our approach to restorative dentistry focuses on improving your oral health as quickly as possible, and we look forward to helping you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for composite fillings.